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The Exhibition – 21. September 2018 to 13. January 2019

The 13th century “Hoher Dom” (lit: High Cathedral) – located in the centre of Paderborn – is the town’s landmark and the cathedral church of the archbishopric. As early as 799, Charlemagne had „a church of astonishing size“ built on the site. Since then the cathedral has been destroyed several times and rebuilt again and again.

Now the Paderborn Diocesan Museum is showing a large art and cultural-historical exhibition on Gothic architecture in Europe. Taking its starting point in Paderborn, the exhibition presents a fascinating panorama of an eventful period: beginning with the building process, and moving on through groundbreaking technical innovations to the exchange of cultural ideas, the exhibition examines the particular prerequisites of the innovative, international architectural and pictorial language of the Middle Ages and illustrates the interrelationships and effects of their origins.

Using first-class exhibits from all over Europe, the show illuminates the transnational phenomena of the Gothic period, which, emanating in France, changed architecture and art throughout Europe – even as far as local regions. On display are important architectural fragments, sculptures, plans of large cathedrals (including the oldest surviving architectural drawings, the so-called Reims Palimpsest), precious works of treasure art, and impressive 3D models.

Monumental sculptural ornamentation

The sculpture in the newly built cathedrals acquired a monumental format: it visualised feelings like sadness and joy, thereby reflecting a new relationship to reality and acting as a counterpart to the viewer. Highly famous works such as the Head with the Bandage by the Naumburg Master from the “Dom- und Diözesanmuseum Mainz” and unique works from the Louvre and the Musée Cluny in Paris, (which are also shown in the exhibition), are manifestations of this new expressive pictorial concept. The monumentality of the sculptural ornamentation in Paderborn Cathedral reflects the developments of the time.

Gothic en miniature – Micro-architectures in Gothic art

Scale drawings – as shown by important specimens from Ulm and Cologne – made it possible to transfer the decorative forms of monumental architecture accurately into other artistic genres and use them as ornamentation. The exhibition unit “Gothic en miniature” shows miniature architectures made of stone as well as extraordinary gems of ivory carving and goldsmiths‘ art from the leading studios in the High Gothic period in Paris. These include prominent items like the original fragments of the shrine of Saint Gertrud von Nivelles or the arm reliquary of Beatrix von Holte from the Essen Cathedral Treasury. Other works never before shown in Germany, include the unique reliquary of the Holy Sepulchre from the Treasury in Pamplona Cathedral.

The exhibition is being presented under the patronage of Hans-Josef Becker, Archbishop of Paderborn, and Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen, Minister of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The exhibition is being held on the occasion of the anniversary year of Paderborn Cathedral. (

Information for visitors

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The Tourist Information Office in Paderborn is your contact point for tourist programmes, further information material on destinations in Paderborn and the Paderborn region and assistance in finding accommodation.

GOTHIC – all inclusive

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Gotik. Der Paderborner Dom und die Baukultur des 13. Jahrhunderts in Europa, Christoph Stiegemann (ed.), 21,5 × 28 cm, ca. 550 pages, ca. 400 illustrations. Hardcover, Michael Imhof Verlag, ISBN 978-3-7319-0734-3

  • Museum price: 39.95 €
  • Bookshop price: 49.95 €

Other events during the exhibition

The exhibition will be accompanied by a comprehensive programme designed to cater for all ages. It includes guided tours, readings, workshops, varied museum educational events for children and young people, as well as programmes for school classes. Bookings can also be made for inclusive events.

Gothic Archtekture in Westfalia

From the 13th century onwards the Gothic style spread throughout Europe and even into the regions. Impressive evidence of this movement has been preserved throughout Westphalia and is awaiting your visit.

Nikolaikirche Obermarsberg: Heimatmuseum Marsberg, T. 02994 1566,; www.

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